Real Experiences from Our Users


Ann K

“I am in my early 70’s and look much younger. I think that Dr. Wu’s Lady’s Formula 2 has contributed to my youthful appearance and well-being. It’s great to have a non-hormone alternative that takes care of menopausal symptoms.”

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Carrie G

“I had stopped taking Formula 2 for a few months… My husband noticed right away a difference in my mood. I/we noticed that I was more irritable and a lot less patient. The night sweats were happening every night and were back with a vengeance. I went back to taking my Formula 2 and have not stopped since.”

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Yumei G

“I continued to take Lady’s Formula 2 because I noticed I have more energy, my skin tone is brighter, and I am sleeping better. I have gotten so many compliments about ‘how young I look.'”

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Pat M

“I have more energy, my skin looks younger, I don’t have undesirable facial hair, and my hot flashes became minimal, hardly noticeable.  I do not take hormone replacement therapy; only Lady’s Formula 2.”

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Donna F

“Not only was it effective in eliminating breast tenderness, hot flashes and bloating, but they also help reduce mood swings/irritability and appetite/food cravings. As well, I sleep better and have more energy.”

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